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BC-Wood-Lumber-Production-LogoTimber-lock uses full size logs which are double channeled to accept two inch S4S framing lumber leaving a 3” – 4” space between the 2 splines (2x8s) as to create an air-tight lock between log with an area that provided an insulated void between the horizontal logs resulting in a superior envelope, allowing less air flow to pass through walls.

Advantages of using this system include:

  • Timber-lock logs shrink less than scribed logs because the milled channels are cut through the sapwood which is the wettest part of the log that shrinks the most. Timber-lock structures can be made from the best house logs, or can also utilize a saw log sort, allowing for more character, but a less expensive log shell.
  • Timber-lock structures can be made to any size and shape of footprint desired. Electrical wiring is placed to code in the horizontal voids between the logs, and encased by the lumber splines making electrifying the structure quicker, cheaper.
  • The logs and top perimeter beams are pre-drilled to accept vertical steel redi-rods which are tightened as the structure shrinks, stabilizing against earthquakes.

Whistler Forest Products makes all kinds of custom products as shown, to complement any home but more specifically the home you most desire energy efficient Timber-lock log home or Timber-lock structure.

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