Get to know Whistler Forest Products Corp

Focused on sustainable lumber production & harvesting.

Whistler Forest Products Corp has been providing Forest Friendly wood products to Whistler & the world for over 30 years. We have always believed that any order filled with Forest Friendly wood products equals that same volume of healthy trees still growing in the forest, breathing, and living. What do you believe?

We’re able to offer full-service, ready to install wood products in Whistler, or wherever. Whistler Forest Products is committed to providing quality manufactured wood products and services that comply consistently with our customer’s specification requirements and certification standards. We will combine this with cost effective lumber production and on time delivery of all products.

The Whistler Forest Products Team has been involved in sustainable forestry since 1978 with a vision to supply quality lumber products to our customers throughout British Columbia and around the world. We now also design and build one of the world’s most energy efficient log homes – the patented Timberlock system.

We can provide our customers with a variety of specialty products. Over the past 30 years we have operated 3 sawmills and have witnessed impressive changes in sustainable forestry and are proud to be a part of it. We have the ability to custom manufacture a variety of wood products according to our customer’s needs and specifications.

In 2006 we won the Sustainable Wood Products Supplier Award from the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation for the work we provided in sourcing quality wood reclaimed from dammed and flooded lakes in British Columbia that were used in rebuilding the Stanley Park Rose Garden Cottage in beautiful Stanley Park, in central Vancouver.

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